MARTHE HALVORSEN is singer & songwriter from Artic Norway. In 2018 she released her debut album "All is in the Seed", receiving great acclaim around the world, as well of helping her music making its way on to Norwegian National Radio. Her music is being described as "Unique and evocative" and "A very good new artist to look out for" (NRK P13). Marthe Halvorsen weaves together beautiful dreamy pop music, with influences from Folk and World Music. With a unique sincerity in her voice, Marthe Halvorsen has a very special ability of touching something deep within the listener.

The release of her debut album "All is in the Seed", has been followed by a series of concerts and performances in Canada and Norway.

«Everything about it is beautiful (...) Quite probably my favourite release of the year to date, Marthe Halvorsen is a really special songwriter accompanied by some special musicians, and I'm convinced everyone will love 'All Is In the Seed’. »


                           - Nordic Music Review

«Halvorsen is one of the purest female singer songwriters we´ve found all year. Her voice cries out with a lonely desperation. She´s the genuine article (…)»


                           - Ear to the Ground Music

«Gorgeous and evocative, and a very good new artist to look out for»


                           - Totto Mjelde - NRK P13

Marthe como el planeta