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Marthe Halvorson Molds Expansive Musical Blanket of Hope on“For The Dreamers & the Bold” (...)

Reminding one of the famous David Bowie lines “homo sapiens have outgrown their use”, Marthe Halvorsen’s latest single “For The Dreamers & the Bold” goes on to say that humans “don’t make sense anymore.” In so many ways both of these lines are right but both of them exist within the confines of a medium that humans not only continue to expand on but also continue to unravel the secrets of, in the process possibly putting a crack in each line’s login in the end. Either way, the Montreal-based, Norwegian artist and composer somehow manages to fill a whole lot of space with a minimalistic arrangement on this indie folk arrangement which is also the title track off the upcoming full-length album due out in the Spring of 2023.


“I feel the water around / Still afraid I will drown before I reach the other side / But now, I will swim like a child / Woven into the wild / And be the one who dares to shine.” As the first of two featured artists here today with a distinct European flair, Norwegian-born and current Montreal, QC-based indie folk musician Marthe Halvorsen releases the second teaser of new music from her forthcoming sophomore album, “For the Dreamers & the Bold,” due to be released later this year. “Dissolve” is a dreamy and ethereal indie folk tune that showcases the artist’s unique musical style and vocal signature.


Pelo meio, irrompe a envolvente voz de Marthe Halvorsen, distinta e expressiva, calorosa e rica, em perfeita sincronia com a paisagem sonora. Acentua ainda mais a musicalidade de "For The Dreamers & The Bold", trazendo consigo uma aura calma mas esperançosa.


Vívida, exposta e destemida, esta peça da cantautora norueguesa é uma delícia auditiva, revelando o talento de Marthe na criação de canções autênticas e relacionáveis. E parece-me perfeita para ouvir sempre que precisarmos de parar e respirar fundo.

Boulimique de Musique:

An airy folk song with acoustic arrangements that meet fine synthetic sounds. The rich musical approach is vaguely reminiscent of Julia Stone on this track, which is filled with a touch of gentle melancholy. The haunting female vocal interpretation conveys poetry with a touch of wisdom on this track with philosophical remarks.


Une chanson folk aérienne aux arrangements acoustiques qui rencontrent de fines sonorités synthétiques. L'approche d'une grande richesse musicale rappelle vaguement Julia Stone sur ce morceau habité par une douce mélancolie. L'envoûtante interprétation vocale féminine véhicule une poésie empreinte d'une touche de sagesse sur ce titre aux propos philosophiques.

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